Case Study: Ashcroft High School

Author: Brett Griffin

Category Case Studies, Measuring Impact

We had a chat to Mrs J McDonald from Ashcroft High School to ask a few questions to find out why she chose to work with Pupil Progress. You can read her answers below, and find out more about what Pupil Progress can do for you here.

Firstly, it would be great if you could describe your role and how you heard about Pupil Progress.

I am Head of Department and I was told about Pupil Progress by a teacher at another school. I had a go at the free trial and loved the simplicity of it all and how grade boundaries were already calculated for us! 

Who is using the Pupil Progress system and what for?

I have managed to persuade SLT to purchase Pupil Progress for the entire school!

What problem(s) were you looking to solve when you decided to start using the tracking system?

I was looking for better ways / more manageable ways of tracking students progress and ensuring that my use of grade boundaries were accurate, I hated having to work out the boundaries every year.

How was the problem affecting your role / the roles of your teams?

I dreaded data analysis meetings, as I was never 100% confident in what I had scored the students. Or that my maths was correct!

What’s the biggest impact the system has had on your students / department / school?

Staff already seem very on board with the tracker, we now need to start using it more often across the school.

What the biggest impact has the system had on your day-to-day / weekly / monthly / termly tasks?

I already feel much more confident about inputting data, reporting this data and attend meetings about data, as this has reduced the amount I have to do!

What is the main area / feature/ functionality of the system that most benefits you and why?

Everything!! Because it has made me feel more confident in know that the information I can give to parents and students is correct!

Would you recommend Pupil Progress to others, and if so what would you say?

Yes I would, I would recommend Pupil Progress due to the time it has already saved me when looking at data and because Brett and Barnaby are very helpful with the system and clearly want it to aid teachers in reducing their workload.

If you want to feel as relieved as Mrs McDonald about the time saved and have the same confidence in grade boundaries, don't hesitate to get in touch. To find out how the Pupil Progress tracker tool can revolutionise your approach to monitoring pupils performance and save you time click the button below to book a call with one of our team.

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