Case Study: Feltham Young Offenders Institute

Author: Brett Griffin

Category Case Studies, Measuring Impact

We recently sat down with Patrick Allen, Deputy Head of Education at Feltham Young Offenders Institute to find out why he chose to work with Pupil Progress. You can read his answers below, and find out more about what Pupil Progress can do for you here.

Hi Patrick! Firstly, can you tell us who is using the Pupil Progress tracking system, and what for?

Head of Education, Deputy Head of Education, and Managers are using it across all provisions, individual teachers as well.

Teachers are recording progress on the system after lessons, which runs across 12 pathways and 12 subjects (Maths, English, ICT, PSD, Barbering, Catering, Employability, Art, Music, Multi-Skills, History and Psychology).

What problem(s) were you looking to solve when you decided to start using the tracking system?

The primary benchmark for judging learner progress was based on qualification achievement, which was inadequate for our needs due to the transient nature of the cohort. In addition, teachers either didn’t record learner progress or were using separate systems which made tracking progress difficult.

How was the problem affecting your role / the roles of your teams?

We had been criticised heavily by Ofsted and were unable to get a true picture of learner progress/lack of progress.

How was it impacting your students?

Students received no recognition for part achievement of qualifications. This mean that students transferring to other establishments were having to start the same qualifications again from scratch.

What’s the biggest impact has the system had on your students/department/ school?

The system has just gone live so too early to say, however we envisage improvements in learner progress across all subjects as now we’ll be able to report accurately on progress and have the ability to highlight early on subjects requiring an intervention.

What is the main area/feature/ functionality of the system that most benefits you and why?

All features of the system will benefit our provision.

Would you recommend Pupil Progress to others, and if so what would you say?

Yes – the simplicity in terms of usage but effectiveness of the system is a real plus and what made it an easy sell to staff.

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