Case Study: Stonehenge School

Author: Brett Griffin

Category Case Studies, Measuring Impact

We caught up with Carole Dean from Stonehenge School to ask a few questions to find out why she chose to use Pupil Progress. You can read her answers below, and find out more about what Pupil Progress can do for you here.

Hi Carole! Please tell us what your role is, and how you use Pupil Progress at your school

I'm the Deputy Head in charge of the Curriculum and Raising Standards. We've been using Pupil Progress for over almost two years in all subjects across all GCSE groups.

What problem(s) were you looking to solve when you decided to start using the tracking system?

Initially we were trying to improve the effectiveness and accuracy of our data predictions, especially during the GCSE reforms. I also wanted to support subjects who did not have the expertise to create their own tracking systems.

How was the problem affecting your role / the roles of your teams?

Inaccuracy in data predictions meant that we didn’t see a clear picture of underachievement across the school, and therefore time spent analysing data and planning interventions meant that some students were missed who later impacted on our headline figures.

How was it impacting your students?

Students were not fully informed about their progress in each subject, and therefore were unclear about the areas they need to make progress on.

What’s the biggest impact the system has had on your students / department / school?

Consistent tracking of students across KS4 for all subjects, and students have an up-to-date picture of where they are. Reports are also very informative for parents. Teachers and data managers do not have to try to create their own or change grade boundaries.

What the biggest impact has the system had on your day-to-day / weekly / monthly / termly tasks?

More accurate data, and better tracking in departments means better conversations about raising results. Time is not wasted due to increased accuracy.

What is the main area / feature/ functionality of the system that most benefits you and why?

In my role, I have oversight of all departments so I can explore individual classes in detail.

Would you recommend Pupil Progress to others, and if so what would you say?

Using Pupil Progress has meant that teachers and students are clear about where they are and what they need to do to make more progress. I feel reassured that teachers are focusing on the bigger picture of assessment, and can make an impact to support the students that need it most.

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