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Published 19/01/2019

What Percentage Should I Alter My Grade Boundaries By


We’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding the grade boundaries that subject areas and schools should be using: 2018 + 5%? 2018 + 10%? Boundaries from different subject areas? 

We wanted to write this blog about what we’ve been recommending and why, not only to share our suggestions but also to explain the methodology behind our theory.

As we shared in our previous article Predicting the Impossible, there is a logical process that has informed our recommendations, and we’ve come to what we feel is a sensible, informed decision on the boundaries that should and shouldn’t be used. Part of our recommendation is made up of statistical evidence and analysis, and the other part from considering the psychology of target setting and attainment on both teachers and pupils.

Published 20/12/2018

Why Mindset is Important for Teachers

Car keys, laptop, marking, lunch, folders, wallet, handbag, glasses, phone… check, check, check… and if you’ve forgotten them then it’s often a mad, curse-filled dash to get them.

Published 16/11/2018

Reducing School Workload: What Data is Necessary for Teachers?

There’s no denying that it’s a difficult time for everyone involved in education right now, and that schools are under extreme pressure to produce results. We all know this, we all feel it. Our teachers and school leaders are living and breathing this pressure every day.

Published 06/11/2018

Embedding a Reflective Approach to Student Assessment of Learning

When a chef considers a new dish for a menu, the success of the dish depends on the combination of ingredients used to create it. There are times when it may be necessary to add or remove proportions of certain ingredients, until the desired final product is produced.

Published 01/11/2018

21 Ideas to Support SEND Students in the Secondary Classroom

Do you ever feel caught between that metaphorical rock and the hard place? Constricted by time, yet driven by the love for what you do and the yearning to get it right for your SEND students?

Published 31/10/2018

Making a Difference that Makes the Difference

If you’ve ever played Jenga, you’ll know that it’s always that one block that tips the balance.

Published 19/10/2018

The Importance of Critical Thinking for Student Achievement

Is critical thinking just another buzz phrase that really means very little? Is it yet another fad?

Published 19/10/2018

How to Manage a Stress Free Day in the Classroom

To me, teaching really is the best job in the world. After entering my 19th year in the classroom, I still have the smile, the passion and the absolute love of teaching and working with children to be ‘lifelong learners’. I have worked in six very different schools - those that have been ‘deemed notice to improve’ and schools that are classed as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted.

Published 04/10/2018

Don’t Read This Blog

Don’t fail

Published 27/09/2018