Why We Need To Think Long-Term About Student Engagement

The data looks good, the future doesn’t

While writing this blog for Pupil Progress on behaviour management strategies, I started to reflect on student behaviour more generally.

Published 10/07/2019

7 Effective Strategies for Behaviour Management in the Classroom

"Everything works somewhere, nothing works everywhere.” – Dylan Wiliam

Published 10/07/2019

7 GCSE Revision Tips to Help Your Students Succeed

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out” – Robert Collier

Your lesson begins. You present your students with a quick recap quiz to assess their readiness for their GCSE exam (which has somehow crept up on all of us). Answers are given and students score themselves out of 10. Scores range from 2 to 10. The panic and anxiety begins to set in for all students gaining lower scores – they have not been revising. Those gaining perfect scores? Fatigue and exhaustion are obvious – they’ve been doing too much revision!

Published 24/05/2019

TMMathsIcons Launch: It’s A Great Time To Be A Maths Teacher

Last weekend was the inaugural TMMathsIcons event. Being surrounded by like-minded professionals, networking, and discussing how we can improve our practice is truly one of my favourite things to be a part of. It has taken me to many conferences, and I’ve been part of many Twitter chats because of it. But organising a free TeachMeet for other Maths Teachers has really been the pinnacle of my CPD to date.

Published 05/03/2019

How to Survive (and Thrive in) Your First Two Years as a Teacher

When facing your first couple of years as a teacher, the adjustment to managing a classroom can feel a bit overwhelming. You’ve finished your teacher training with the drive to be the greatest teacher you can be, but you know it’s going to be a huge learning curve. You’ve probably got a lot of questions about how you can make the most of your experience as an NQT.

Published 12/02/2019

Developing Coaching and Mentoring Relationships with Students

When I joined the education sector four years ago, I quickly realised the profession requires stamina and commitment. Half-hearted won’t do. Teaching is all consuming and there’s a sense of being married to the job.

Published 29/01/2019

Think Like An Examiner with our GCSE PE Resources

Our mission is to give teachers back time in the classroom, and support you in helping your students perform to the highest standard.

Published 19/01/2019

Embedding a Reflective Approach to Student Assessment of Learning

When a chef considers a new dish for a menu, the success of the dish depends on the combination of ingredients used to create it. There are times when it may be necessary to add or remove proportions of certain ingredients, until the desired final product is produced.

Published 01/11/2018

21 Ideas to Support SEND Students in the Secondary Classroom

Do you ever feel caught between that metaphorical rock and the hard place? Constricted by time, yet driven by the love for what you do and the yearning to get it right for your SEND students?

Published 31/10/2018

The Importance of Critical Thinking for Student Achievement

Is critical thinking just another buzz phrase that really means very little? Is it yet another fad?

Published 19/10/2018