From Stress To Freedom

How are you? Are your family and loved ones well? How’s work, your relationships and your life?

Published 21/03/2019

Why Mindset is Important for Teachers

Car keys, laptop, marking, lunch, folders, wallet, handbag, glasses, phone… check, check, check… and if you’ve forgotten them then it’s often a mad, curse-filled dash to get them.

Published 16/11/2018

How to Manage a Stress Free Day in the Classroom

To me, teaching really is the best job in the world. After entering my 19th year in the classroom, I still have the smile, the passion and the absolute love of teaching and working with children to be ‘lifelong learners’. I have worked in six very different schools - those that have been ‘deemed notice to improve’ and schools that are classed as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted.

Published 04/10/2018

Don’t Read This Blog

Don’t fail

Published 27/09/2018

How to be a Super Teacher without Working Superhuman Hours

There’s a wellness crisis happening in UK schools. Teachers regularly sacrifice their down time: evenings get consumed with lesson prep, breaks are a chance to frantically catch up with admin tasks, and weekends become overrun with piles and piles of marking.

Published 17/09/2018

Interview with TeachWellfest founder Georgia Holleran

As part of our staff wellbeing in schools series, we’ve been talking to groups and individuals at the forefront of the teacher wellbeing revolution. Among them is Georgia Holleran, founder of and TeachWellFest, a festival pioneering the importance of wellbeing for teachers.

Published 10/09/2018

Teachers, Just Say No

Of the 16 years I’ve been an independent coach, 14 have been heavily invested in the education sector. I’ve coached thousands of staff and students in Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Colleges, and Universities both on a 1-1 basis and as small groups, teams, departments, and whole schools.

Published 31/08/2018

Brilliant Initiatives to Support Teacher Wellbeing

With almost a third of teachers quitting within five years of qualifying, and concerns that fewer people are choosing to pursue a career in teaching, it could be said that the teaching profession is in crisis.

Published 29/08/2018

DFE Pushes for a Tech Revolution in the Classroom

Don’t you know, we’re talking about a revolution. A revolution in the way schools approach data, how they use technology and it’s positive effect on teacher wellbeing. And we’re not alone. Last week, Education Secretary, Damian Hinds called on tech firms to kick-start an “educational revolution” in the classroom.

Published 13/08/2018